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Kidizens: Build-A-City, Project-based Community Building, Workshop
“Build-A-City” workshop is a 6-week highly interactive and fun community-building session – filled with creativity and excitement – where the kids build an entire LEGO city, while learning about important civic and economic concepts, in a fun, social learning environment. In this workshop, students work in committees together to construct an entire city over multiple weeks.  In an engaging social environment, they must use analytical thinking, cooperative skills and effective communications to make decisions as a city council and provide for their residents while managing a limited city budget. The kids will role-play as city council members to address  situations, problems and needs and as such gain problem solving, public speaking and many real-life skills and experience.

CY Danceworks Hip Hop Dancing

CY Danceworks' mission is "to reveal the dancer in each child, and embrace the enjoyment that dance has to offer through the process of self expression, creativity, and execution. Our knowledgeable staff work hard to instill a sense of self confidence in each one of our students. We guarantee an improvement in your child’s self esteem, character, and dance capabilities as we tackle weaknesses and challenge them to become better". 



Contact Ali Beynon or Carrie Murphy with any questions.


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