Beresford's Executive Board of 2021-2022

President Beth Keefer
Vice President Meredith Nassihi
Secretary Lisa Larsen
Financial Secretary Kathy DeLeon
Treasurer Alanna Reynard
Parliamentarian* Kelly Rancatore
Communication Chair Alli Ross
Membership Chair Joelle Yee
Hospitality Chair Vacant
Room Parent Coordinator Diane Westheimer 
Historian Sue-Ellen Atkinson
Auditor Yoko Robinson
Teacher Parent Liaison Lauren Bottani
Fundraising Chairs See's Candy - Vacant
Auction - Joelle Yee & Kathy DeLeon
Fun Run - Vacant
ELAC Outreach Representative Vacant

*Parliamentarian is an appointed, not elected position.


A brief description of each role can be found here, if interested in a vacant position or volunteering on a committee please email


Beresford PTA Bylaws

Current Beresford PTA Bylaws - Approved September 2018 General Association Meeting. 


Changes  include:

Article IV Section 3g: Month changed to March

Article IV Section 6: Month changed to March
Article VI Section 6b: Month changed to March
Article VII Section 1: General membership meeting months updated
Article VII Section 2: Month changed to March
Article VIII Section 6: Change to 3


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