Beresford's Executive Board of 2023-2024

President Matthew Stephan 
Vice President Jose Irias 
Secretary Ryan Rancatore
Financial Secretary Kelly Rancatore 
Treasurer Megan Lau 
Parliamentarian* Sue-Ellen Atkinson
Communication Chair Stefanie Oudiz 
Membership Chair Lauren Bottani
Hospitality Chair Michelle Green
Room Parent Coordinator Joelle Yee 
Historian Tiffany Herrero 
Auditor Katie Phillips 
Teacher Parent Liaison Vacant
Fundraising Chairs Beth Keefer 
ELAC Outreach Representative Vacant

*Parliamentarian is an appointed, not elected position.


A brief description of each role can be found here, if interested in a vacant position or volunteering on a committee please email


Beresford PTA Bylaws

Current Beresford PTA Bylaws - Approved September 2018 General Association Meeting. 


Changes  include:

Article IV Section 3g: Month changed to March

Article IV Section 6: Month changed to March
Article VI Section 6b: Month changed to March
Article VII Section 1: General membership meeting months updated
Article VII Section 2: Month changed to March
Article VIII Section 6: Change to 3


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